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Check it out! I am officially done with grad school, so now I need to figure out what I’m doing with my life! I’m treating writing like a full-time job, so I’m working hard to make it pay like one.

I just finished my Master’s degree in English (concentration creative writing). Feed me?

Anyway, I’ve created a Patreon for both of my Tumblogs! It mainly focuses on WriteInspiration because I haven’t cultivated much of a following on BiblioValkyrie.

Patreon is a really cool site that allows you to make/receive monthly donations. It can also be done per post or whatever, but I try to have at least one post per day, so that isn’t too feasible for a lot of people.

I have some rewards set up on there for now, as well as some goals where I’ll do something special for everyone.

Everything on my Tumblogs will proceed as normal, whether you become a patron or not!

Becoming a patron means that you set however much money you want to be subtracted from your account per month, and I give you a reward in return for supporting me.

Each month, your money will go to me–you don’t have to confirm it each month or anything like that.

If you have chosen a reward option, then you will receive the corresponding reward once your money is deposited. This happens on the first of the month.

You can change your patronage amount, and you can even remove it entirely. If you now have more or less money than before, or if you just plain don’t like what I’m doing, then you are able to easily to change what you’re doing with your money on Patreon.

If we can reach the goals set on the Patreon, then everyone will get to enjoy whatever thing I’ve decided to do at that goal point. Right now, the goals will be available to all readers of my Tumblr, but I will try to come up with some that are just for patrons.

If you have any reward or goal ideas, then please let me know! I want to make myself available to all of you and to do things that you enjoy, so now is the time to speak up!

Right now, I am the only person representing me. I need to be able to write and work and eat and pay rent and stuff, so this is your chance to make this blog–and my life–a LOT better.

Thank you all so much~! <3 There is NO pressure to donate and become a patron–I promise. And every little bit helps–I appreciate every penny. 🙂


Feeling generous and want to thank me for my work on this blog but don’t want to do the monthly thing? Then please click here and donate to me via PayPal!

I’m currently doing ALL of my bibliomancy readings for free, but I am not made of time or money. 😛 At some point, I will probably offer some sort of premium readings that are between $0.50 and $5.

In addition, I am now editing blog posts and reviewing websites for $5 each via Fiverr. I’m an awesome editor, and I’d love to help you out!

Don’t have a dime to spare? That’s totally fine! 🙂

I’m trying to keep my services largely free on here, so things will remain the same if you can’t help me out (or don’t want to). 🙂

Thank you, and have the best day ever~ <3

Check out my Patreon~ <3

Do you want me to research anthologies and magazines for you, as well? I do that for all my writing friends.

Aww, thanks, I would really appreciate that! Every little bit helps. 🙂

Support Stephanie Tillman creating blog posts

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