Hey guys! As a writer myself, it’s hard to have a lot of resources for writing in one place. That’s why I decided to create this masterpost, and maybe make more if I find future resources. I hope you like it, and expect to see more masterposts like this in the future!








Some Tips

Just a few I found from the writing tips tag!


Some Advice


Websites and Apps

For Writing

  • ZenPen: A minimalist writing website to keep you free of distractions and in the flow.
  • The Most Dangerous Writing App: A website where you have to keep typing or all of your writing will be lost. It helps you keep writing…kind of. You can choose between a time or word count limit!
  • Evernote: An online website where you can take notes and save the product to your laptop and/or smartphone!
  • Writer, the Internet Typewriter: It’s just you and your writing, and you can save your product on the website if you create an account.
  • Wordcounter: A website to help check your word and character count, and shows words you’re using frequently.
  • Monospace: An Android app for writing on the go when you feel the inspiration, but you don’t have your laptop on you!

For Productivity

  • Tide: An app that combines a pomodoro-esque timer with nature sounds and other noises! (Google Play / Apple Store)
  • ClearFocus: An Android app with a pomodoro-type time counter to let you concentrate easier and stay productive.
  • Forest: An app with a time counter to keep you focused and off your phone, and when you complete the time limit, a tree grows in your garden! (Google Play / Apple Store)
  • SelfControl: A Mac downloadable app that blocks you from distracting mail servers, websites, and other things!

Prompt Blogs

Writing Tips Blogs

Reblogging to save a writer

Hey fellow writers! Enjoy!

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