Steampunk Masterpost


With so much interest in steampunk, I thought I’d throw together a masterlist of resources for writers! (I may add to this over time).

Steampunk Archetypes

List of Cyberpunk Derivatives – Of which Steampunk is just one.

The Steampunk Wiki

Victorian Forms of Address – How people refer to each other, address correspondence, etc.

Victorian England Class Structure

Victorian Etiquette

More Etiquette

Victorian Slang

Naughty Victorian Slang

Victorian Women’s Fashion

Victorian Men’s Fashion

Steampunk Emporium – Steampunk costume retailer that’s a great source for inspiration

Real Victorian Gadgets

Steampunk Airships and Submarines

Victorian Era Weapons as a starting point for Steampunk weapon designs

A Guide to Steampunk Gadgets and Technology

Steampunk Tropes

Steampunk Tropes to Avoid

Famous Victorian Era Historical Figures

Great Article on “Asian” Steampunk

Shoot me a comment if there are any other genres you might like me to gather resources for!

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