Writing Motivation Tip


“I’m such a shit writer, I can’t get anything to sound good!”

I guarantee if you’ve written more than a few sentences, there’s one in there that you like. There’s something that made you glow with pride, or at least made you think for a moment, “hey, a few more of these and I’ll be set!”

So here’s what you gotta do. 

Compile them.

Make a separate document and name it “Lines I Like”, “Good Shit I Wrote”, or anything that proclaims that it’s the best of your work. Not “okay stuff I guess”. This is for tooting your own horn, not negging yourself straight back into misery.

Then go through any and all WIPs or past projects and paste them into it. Save it to your desktop and maintain it. Add to it every time you create a turn of phrase that sounds right, any time you write a good pun or a striking paragraph. Top it up with fresh material.

Open it up when you’re feeling down on yourself as a writer. Anything that makes you doubt your abilities, open it and reread those lines. It’s an instant mood boost. 

Be your own inspiration, because if you’ve written a good thing once, you can absolutely do it again.

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