Exploring abandoned buildings


  1. Bring a flashlight. 
  2. Bring an extra flashlight.
  3. Walk the perimeter. Locate all possible exits.
  4. Do not be deterred by barbed-wire, high walls, and locked doors. But be on the lookout for holes and tunnels leading to the building.
  5. Wear a mask, gloves, and ideally, a complete protection suit.
  6. Test your steps.
  7. Have a fully charged cellphone with you in case you get trapped. 
  8. If the water is still working, leave immediately.
  9. Never shut the doors behind you. 
  10. The old man sitting by the campfire is not real. The campfire is.
  11. Check if the campfire is built on concrete. If not, leave.
  12. Talk to the man if you want to find yourself.
  13. It is advised to bring a bottle of whiskey.
  14. Be careful not to break anything.
  15. If you hear a woman yell ’Don’t wake the baby!’, yell back ’You don’t wake the baby!
  16. Avoid the man sitting in front of a trash can fire. He is real, the fire is not. It burns souls.
  17. Do not sit in the armchair. 
  18. If a door you had opened is now closed, pray it was the wind. 
  19. Some rooms might be more chilly than others. It is normal.
  20. If you get a message from a friend asking to hang out, do not reply.
  21. They are always watching.
  22. A creaking floor is a bad omen.
  23. The sudden breaking of windows is to be ignored.
  24. The building might not want you to leave.
  25. If there is music playing, it’s probably the wind carrying it from someplace else.
  26. There are cats. Many cats.
  27. The cats can protect you.
  28. Do not look through the windows.
  29. Do not take any pictures with flash. Some things are better left unseen. 
  30. Leave some food for the cats. 

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