Worldbuilding Development Prompt: Military


How has the world’s militant forces impacted global history?

Do armies exist within this world? If so, do they more resemble town-wide militias, tribal warriors or massive groups of armed soldiers throughout a nation? Certain nations can specialize in different areas – fighting from land or on sea, close-quarters combat or long-distance, with weaponry or with magic. What is each nation’s speciality? 

What is the most powerful military force on the planet known to man? What is the weakest known to man? Are there forces beyond the scope of human understanding more powerful than either, or technology created behind the scenes that could overpower the strongest army?

How does one join the army? Is joining the army a common occurrence? Is it done of one’s own free will, or is it, at times or always, forced upon the citizen? What does joining the army cost someone, be it financially or otherwise? Is joining the army considered an honor or a disgrace?

How have these militaries affected the events of their world? What was the greatest source of physical conflict involving the military? Do they continue to war with one another, or otherwise wreak havoc, in the present day? Have these military forces evolved over the years?

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